Out of the Blue MTOU - May 2024

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Dive into the latest episode of "Out of the Blue" from MTSU, where we uncover an array of compelling stories showcasing innovation, diversity, and academic excellence on campus. First up, learn about the details of an upcoming summer STEM camp set to take place right here at MTSU in July. Designed for ambitious high school students eager to explore the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, this camp promises an immersive and enriching experience. Next, we hear from a former police officer-turned-MTSU professor about his groundbreaking research in police training. Learn how his innovative grant has revolutionized de-escalation techniques through cutting-edge VR technology, shaping the future of law enforcement training nationwide. And finally, we share the personal journeys of two international students thriving on campus, thanks to the invaluable support of the International Affairs Office. Their stories illuminate the diverse and inclusive environment fostered at MTSU. True Blue TV and the Center for Educational Media produce “Out of the Blue,” MTSU’s award-winning monthly television public affairs show, which also appears as video clips on our social media channels. Project and activities of the campus are featured. Faculty, staff and alumni are profiled. Out of the Blue airs on various public, educational and government channels in Greater Nashville and 17 states across the U.S., as well as on NewsChannel 5+ and, as sharable clips, on MTSU’s primary social media outlets.

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